English summary May 2011

English summary May 2011

The vodka slant, which is harmful for the nation, historically began in Russia since 1985, when in the fiscal aims was forced into the application vodka state monopoly, which specified the switch to the 40 grade standard of the grain alcohol. For the USSR the economic profit was the sale of the super profit vodka output. For the control of the competitive cheaper moonshine was determined the criminal liability and, moreover, the quick spreading myth about the harm characteristics of the moonshine in compare with vodka. Such “attachment” to the ethyl needle, beginning from the imperialist period, was legally fastened in the Soviet epoch and partly lasted till today, because now in Russia there are no standards of such alcohol drink as moonshine, except the cognac that is produced in Russia and like moonshine during the distillation.

Besides the history I am surprised by the results of the forensic-chemical researchers ethanol liquids, which cause the deadly poisonings. These liquids in most cases have the chemical structure of vodka, which corresponds to the state standard specification R 51698-2000.

By the way, the state standard specification on vodka and cognac contains as much as possible admissible maintenance of aldehydes, fusel oils and ethers in cognac in hundreds and even thousand times exceeds norms for vodka! Therefore toxicologists suppose that the dominating reason of deadly alcoholic poisonings, growth of consumption of alcohol and number of alcoholics in Russia is a spirit or vodka from the ethanol, used in a considerable quantity. Moreover, the modern researches held in laboratories of toxicology of National center of science of narcology of public health ministry have rendered that the distillated strong spirits (whisky, cognac, tequila, rum, cha-cha, moonshine) cause less habit, than vodka. But, nevertheless, moonshining and a moonshine turnover in Russia are forbidden for the organizations by Laws «About quality of foodstuff», «About a turn of alcoholic production», «the Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offenses», “Criminal code”.

And here for moonshiners – private persons the indulgences have been made: in 1997 in Russia has been cancelled criminal, and since 2002 — and administrative responsibility for manufacturing of moonshine for own needs. As for May, 2011 the private person can make moonshine only for the personal use, but the turnover of moonshine are forbidden and punishable. Caring about own health, citizens have the right to study technology of moonshining, to master it in practice and to use qualitatively cleared moonshine in moderate quantity instead of vodka, risks of accustoming and death rate from which above, than at moonshine. Ministry of Health and STUDIO57 warns: excessive alcohol intake is injurious to your health!

Olga Brilyova

Hoolywood’s alcohol fantasies
Distinguished American directors and actors learn not only out of the stories, in which precipice alcohol can push off, showing them for curtains and in details the life on the brink in their works.

In 1978 Alan Gelfand learnt to jump in the footlight without hands and so appeared the trick as “ollie” and Rodny Malen, who offered to crease the rims of the board, could make this trick on the even surface thereby the snowboarding progressed. This trick became the basis of the modern snowboarding. In May issue STUDIO57 shows Oryol skateboarders.

Alcohol under the microscope
Taking the picture of the drops of the alcohol under the microscope, Lester shows that drinks have not only percents and taste but also kaleidoscope of the colors, which we can’t see by unaided eye.

The sun on a leash
For the first time about Corney we have heard in2005. As the bass player, guitar player and arranger Vladimir Vitalievich Korneenko very active collaborated with Nike Borzov and “Underwood”, and to 2010 he produced his second broadcast album.

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