English summary April 2011

English summary April 2011


Not long ago my friend came from two-month lasted journey over the country with the centuries-old history- India. He is quite satisfied with his prolonged holidays, with the spirit of the freedom, inside harmony and his forms. The fears that he will never come back to Russia were relegated to oblivion, leaving only the subtle track of the memories about the unity with yourself, acceptance the world and spirit of the East. It’s amazing, how we, civilized people can so easy leave our usual vanity businesses, our relatives and darlings, best friends and work.

Maybe is so long journey or even emigration from the country only a reason for the escape? Who knows….I don’t want to judge my relatives and friends, that they have inside strengths to leave everything that is usual, native in Russia and “run away” to the counties with the perpetual sun, light frosty breeze and twenty-four-our harvest of the crops. Once in the student days I had an opportunity to go to another county for studying English. After two days of being there I began to count the hours before the flight to the native land. Then I thought that I couldn’t leave my relatives. When I became adult I thought over the emigration and moreover began to choose the place for permanent residence. Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria and Canada matched to the climate, social life and career opportunities, but as a dream was Latin American Che Geuvara’s and Fidel Castro’s country — Cuba. I doubt that its little streets, inflammatory dances and evergreen trees can leave somebody indifferent. Every day I had a question:”Who is waiting for me there?” I think, every country keeps a lot of secrets, opens new feeling, emotions for you, familiarizes with way of life and autochthons. But wherever you are, you always want to the native land, home smells, sincere slimes of your parents and friends’ hospitality.
Olga Brilyova

Ukranian fashion designer Elena Prgonskaya
Elena Prgonskaya made her début on the Ukrainian Fashion Week on March, 2010 in the “New Names” project with her autumn-winter collection 2010, which was recognized as the best collection in this day and was sold virtually from the runway. In summer 2010 she took part in Holiday Fashion Week in Odessa and in October in Ukrainian Fashion Week she demonstrated her third spring-summer collection 2011 in the project Fresh Fashion, whose media-partner was ELLE magazine.

Square meter abroad
The popularity of the foreign market of the immovable property is growing. Every year the amount of Russian people, which want to purchase the property abroad, is becoming bigger. And there is a question: “What kind of positive emotion do you have, understanding that your new flat, house or villa will be situated at the warm seaside or in other beautiful place of the planet?” You will learn about it from Vera Andrianova in the column “Business”.

Habitual residence
Perhaps, the moving to the foreign country is the most adventurous and unpredictable action. There are a lot of emigrants from Russia around the world. But are we so expected abroad? The column “Our knowledge” tells us about the fate of two countries and two emigrants, abutments and traditions of Italy and Israel.

Exclusive interview from “Cut Copy”
It should seem that in Cut Copy group there is nothing special. But there is one “But”: magical, but a bit impudent and self-confident Den’s vocalism gives to every song inexplicable charm, that forces us to hear them again and again. The texts of their song don’t pretend to the singularity and revelation…. («…be mine baby one more time»), but due to the literate rhythmic tightly stuck in the head. But it is impossible to tear yourself away from their listening.

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