English summary March 2011

English summary March 2011

Editor’s word
There are still snow banks and frosty wind outside the window but in spite of that fact calendar spring came into her rights. I’m not a forecaster but I want to believe the spring-summer season will give us the maximum amount of sunny days. Moreover, there is an opinion that winter depression is not the fabrication of lazy people but the biological phenomenon. It is call the syndrome of the light deficit. The sunlight deficit reduces the production of such good mood hormone as serotonin in the human organism and vice a versa increase such stress hormones as adrenalin and noradrenalin. It is the cause of bad mood, headaches and sometimes the reduction of our self-concept. However, a psychologist can help you to manage the depression. Yes, you didn’t mishear. We visit therapeutics, surgeons, urologists, dentists…

Why not to visit and psychologist? Fight with you fears and you will always have a good mood. There is better decision- buy the new album “The house” by Katie Melua. Gentle blues, soul and jazz, soft vocal carry to the period from the end of the XVIII century up to the begining of the XIX century in the majestic England. This epoch and, moreover, this country can’t not to dispose to romantic. Just to imagine historical costumes, huts, men on the houses, first cars and black-and-white pictures. When somebody invents the time machine, I will go to this period of time.

But it is better to leave all illusions and plunge into the reality. Information War, the fear of the future, revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, Algiers, military situation in Israel. Analytics of American “Wall Street Journal” made the rating of countries, which can have the same version of the Libya’s conflict. The results are ambiguous: “The currentsituation in the world shows us that the Pandora’s Box is opened. And the version of the Libya’s conflict isn’t the worth. The biggest fears cause Pakistan. This country has the nuclear weapon and strong demographical position. It’s clear that the revolution in such country can destabilize the situation in the world… ” Of cause this information can’t be considered as the first instance (that was said by the publishers) but there are things, about what we can think. Moreover, in Orel and its regions soon will take place elections – on the 13th of March. Generally, make the conclusions and right choice, gentlemen!
Olga Brilyova

Photographer’s studio by Ekaterina Zakharenko
The Orel photograph Ekaterina Zakharenko in the heading “breakthrough” tells us about her works, competitors, models, capital clients and about modern art in a whole.

Taste of Italy
On the 14th of February in the Orel cafe “Soldstydachi” was held the master class about the right cooking of the real Italian drink- coffee espresso. For this event in Orel came special guest,
expert-manager of the Siciliancompany “Zicaffe” GiuseppeTrovatto.

Flat question
In the STUDIO 57 magazine was started the new rubric “BUISNESS”. Now the journalists-analytics will explain different questions about credits, mortgage, division of property and investments. In March you will learn about the real estate market in Orel. Prices fright and brake the progress but for official there is no deal for that…

Patric Woolf. The Life of Pacifist
He is not the same as 10 years ago. Woolf became grave, immerse themselves in work, and, moreover, he drinks only under the motto of self-perfection. Now he is laying on the sofa in his London Apartment and hardly overthink something.